Photo by Kaitlin Rogers

Photo by Kaitlin Rogers

So, you’ve probably stumbled over here because you’re curious to know some basics about me and this blog. First off, I’ll say hello and thanks for at least reading this far. My name is Katie Moss, and I am a 20-year-old college student currently working towards my degrees in English and American Studies.

The inspirations that are driving the creation of this blog come from a handful of  places. In the past two years or so, a ridiculous amount of my internet time has become devoted to reading blogs that I have found via my Pinterest and YouTube addictions. Somewhat pathetically it has also stemmed out of the boredom that just naturally develops while being home over summer break. Though I work as a counselor at a day camp June through August many of my friends have internships or jobs away from home, and I am finding myself with extra free time on my hands. But possibly the most significant factor stems from the fact that when this summer ends I will not be returning to the lovely little college where I have spent the past two years. Instead, I will be boarding a plane to England to study at the University of Exeter for the year. In the past I have not exactly been able to stick to personal writing for long periods of time (I probably have about 20 half-empty journals lying around), but I am very determined to keep an up-to-date and thorough abroad blog while at Exeter, and keeping a personal blog this summer seemed like good practice. So throw in an innate ability to talk for hours on end (even when people aren’t listening), a tinge of computer knowledge, plus a gung-ho attitude, and this wittle baby blog may actually become something.

PLEASE contact me with any questions or suggestions for posts, my email address is ladykatiemoss@gmail.com and feel free to follow me on Pinterest at http://www.pinterest.com/kjm9773


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