The NeverEnding Story

No not that NeverEnding Story, rather the on going battle that is Katie vs. the Mess. For as long as I can remember I have been a messy person. I warned my best friend, Maria, before she came over for the first time that my room looked a tornado had ripped through it– we were 6. I can guarantee you my cleaning abilities and motivation levels have not increased since then. The cleanest my living space has ever been was my freshman year of college, but only because my roommate was much more organized than I was, and since we weren’t close I felt obligated to match up her cleanliness levels. (Sorry to my sophomore year roommate and amazing friend, Mary, for not carrying through with the tradition).

When I first returned home my room was of course nice and clean, maybe not magazine standard, but the average person’s standards yes. I have now been home for exactly 1 month and this is the mess that has ensued.

messy room   messy room messy room  messy room messy roommessy room

SO I am going to try and use self-induce internet shaming to motivate me to clean, and I mean really clean. Tonight I will put the clothes away and straighten up the clutter enough to satisfy my mother, and so that maybe I can see my bed and floors again. But, after that I will begin to chuck out the useless junk, and establish some real sense of organization. From vanity top to desk, junk drawer to bedside table I will be featuring posts on the finished areas as they are completed. Hopefully having the goal of creating a nice space to explore in a post will be enough motivation to finally change some of my messy ways (a girl can dream)!

xo Katie